Nourhan Barakat ANutr.,

Nourhan is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr-MSc) with a background in pharmacy and has experience working in the food industry, delivering health promotion talks in schools and nutrition charities. Her special interests are in public health, health promotion and food industry.  She is also a volunteer member of the World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea Committee at The Caroline Walker Trust and contributes regularly to resource innovation and policy, along with undertaking recipe development, analysis and writing copy.

Nourhan is passionate about communicating evidence-based nutrition information in easy messages to encourage individuals to have a sustainable healthy and positive life. Her passion in the food industry lies in empowering individuals with information and tools needed to have better visibility about healthier choices available.

She also has a passion for writing blog posts discussing FAD diets and promoting healthy, balanced and enjoyable eating behaviours.