Enjoying a healthier afternoon tea

Enjoying a healthier afternoon tea

Sitting down to enjoy a cup of afternoon tea and indulge in a snack often seems like a great idea. Unfortunately, cream covered scones, buttery biscuits, and cakes are not such a good idea if you’re trying to lose weight and eat healthy, nutritious foods. But snacks don’t have to be bad for you! With a few tweaks, you can treat yourself to a guilt-free afternoon tea.


Baking healthier treats

When baking, the saturated fat content can be reduced significantly if skimmed milk and yoghurt are chosen instead of full-fat milk or heavy cream. For example, rather than using thick cream in cake recipes, fat-free ricotta cheese that has been mixed with sweetener can be used.

It’s also a great idea to lower the amount of sugar in the recipe by sweetening the cake using sweeteners such as stevia, ripe bananas, or dates. Our recipe for Turkish rice pudding is an excellent example of a delicious dessert that has been sweetened with sweetener rather than sugar. Wholemeal flour can also be used in place of plain flour as it provides some fibre and richer flavours. Generally, fruit-based cakes and low-fat biscuits are better options than chocolate cake, but it’s important to remember that these still do count towards your daily intake of sugar.


Making healthier sandwiches

If you decide to have some traditional sandwiches during your afternoon tea, you’ll realize that most include mayonnaise, cream cheese, or full-fat cheese, which is very high in fat, salt, and calories. To reduce the fat content of these sandwiches, you can control your portions using low-fat varieties of these essentials, or you can use healthier savoury options such as hummus, tzatziki, and avocado. You can also add more vitamins, minerals, and not to mention flavour, by including fresh vegetables such as bell pepper, spinach, or sprouts.


Having simpler snacks

Together with your healthy cakes and sandwiches, you might also want to have a small bowl of fresh fruit or a salad! For a delicious and nutritious treat, why not have some sliced apple wedges with cinnamon or a juicy peach with a side of cottage cheese and raisins. These simple and quick snacks can provide you with high amounts of vital vitamins, such as vitamin C, which can help you meet your recommended daily requirements of essential nutrients.

With just some simple tweaks and improvements, afternoon teas can be made healthier and are a great way to get people together, enjoy a delicious treat, and share memorable times.


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