Finger Foods

Finger Foods

Finger foods can provide an enjoyable and nutritious alternative to sandwiches, savouries and cakes. In fact, they are often more nutritious and lower in calories, salt, sugar and fat than most traditional pastries and cakes. 

They are especially suitable for those with small appetites or stomachs, as well as those that just want a little something between a meal with a low calorific value.  For children, the infirm and the elderly at afternoon tea time, they can improve a poor appetite and contribute vital nutrients that may be missing from the diet.  Another bonus is that they can encourage independence for small children to feed themselves, allowing them to easily join in any afternoon tea arrangements.

These quick and easy finger foods are ideal for an afternoon tea or afternoon tea party.

   Egg and Herb Rolls 

Aubergine Rolls

Tuna and Lettuce Sushi Bites

or Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sushi Bites

Cucumber and Mini Feta Bites

Savoury Snack-Size Tofu

Veggie Quark Bites