Good hydration is essential for health and wellbeing.  You should drink around eight cups of fluid each day.  

Choosing healthier drinks as part of a healthy afternoon tea is essential.  Healthy drinks should be no or very low in added sugar.  Water is the best choice.

However, if you want more flavour or the benefit of additional nutrient intake, choosing drinks with milk or fruit added can offer a delicious alternative for a healthy, nutritious afternoon tea or snack. Try our flavoured water, fresh fruit infusions, smoothies, milkshakes and lassie recipes below 

Sparkling Cucumber Water Spiced Apples Bobs







Strawberry Slurp Apple and Elderflower Fizzy 




Peach and mint iced tea Strawberry smoothie



Pink lemonade with strawberries, lemon and lime Sparkling water with cucumber, mint and lemon


Banana Milkshake Mango Lassi