Hosting Resources

Hosting Resources

If you’re getting ready to partake in the World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea, then we’ve thought you might to have a hand with the promotion.

Please feel free to use any of the items below to promote your event.  Just click on and print.


WHAT Poster 1 2021

Donated by Nicole Musuwo ANut.,

WHAT Poster 3

Donated by Nicole Musuwo ANut.,


WHAT Poster 2

Donated by Nicole Musuwo ANut.,

Tea Time Trivia has been kindly provided by Flanders Family Homelife.  To download a printable copy and get the answer sheet, please go to the Flanders Family Homelife website at this URL address.


WHAT- Afternoon Tea for the Elderly

Contributed by Emily Cleland

How to host a Nut-Free Party

Contributed by Catherine McNeill, ANut.,


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