Top Tips

Top Tips

for running a fundraising afternoon tea

The World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea is designed to be a fun, delicious way to fundraise for an important cause; to support and improve the quality of holiday food provision for children living in poverty and low-income families. Here we have some top tips on how to host your healthy afternoon tea.


Before your event:

  • Consider the timing and location of your afternoon tea – host your tea in a high-traffic area or room. You could also plan the tea around other coordinating events.
  • Keep a record of RSVP’s so you roughly know how many will attend. This is also to ensure there will be enough food and drinks.
  • Try to promote homemade food for the afternoon tea. If store-buying, encourage guests to use traffic light labels to opt for foods lower in saturated fat, salt and sugar.
  • Spread the word and get everyone involved, whether it’s your work colleagues, friends and/or family! You can use our poster to advertise the event.
  • To promote an overall healthy lifestyle message, you could also plan an afternoon walk/run before or after the tea!


During your event:

  • Make sure your presentation tables are well organised, clean and attractive. You can use afternoon tea stands or cake stands to display food and have table decorations, such as fruits.
  • Make sure all food is labelled, with allergens clearly labelled and provided for guests. You can use the Food Standard’s Agency website for guidance on food allergens:
  • For teas and hot beverages, ensure to have hot water, cups, milk and milk alternatives available.
  • Provide information on where the proceeds of the afternoon tea will be going.
  • Use social media to let us know how your fundraising activity is going with regular updates – remember to tag us so we can see what you’re up to and say thank you!


After the event

  • Count, record and send the money raised CWT soon as you can. It’s a good idea to share responsibility for this amongst more than one person and to prepare in advance by getting some money bags from the bank.
  • Remember to follow up with your colleagues, guests, sponsors and volunteers to thank them and let them know how much was raised!



Written by Nicole Musuwo ANutr.,
Last updated 24 July 2020

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