Committee and Contributors


Kathy Lewis

Kathy Lewis, R.Nutr., has been a Consultant Nutritionist for the past 30 years. She has served on many organisation’s committees and boards, including the Association of MBA’s, Chartered Institute of Marketing FDA Board, UKVRN at the Nutrition Society and a founding Trustee of AfN. She is currently the Vice-Chair at the Caroline Walker Trust and founding Chair of the World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea Committee.  She also currently sits on the City of London Dental School, University of Bolton Ethics Committee.

As an author, she has written several publications and a variety of articles in consumer publications and professional journals, along with Consultant Editor at Readers Digest UK, the CIM FDA and Financial Services Membership Groups. Kathy holds several relevant degrees, in Human Nutrition and Food Science (BCApSc), Applied Psychology and Health Promotion (MSc), and Business Administration (MBA).  As a Registered Nutritionist, her main areas of expertise covers catering, stress and maladaptive behaviours, executive wellbeing, travel nutrition, and children.


Nourhan Barakat

Nourhan is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr-MSc) with a background in pharmacy and has experience working in the food industry, delivering health promotion talks in schools and nutrition charities. Her special interests are in public health, health promotion and food industry.  She is also a volunteer member of the World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea Committee at The Caroline Walker Trust and contributes regularly to resource innovation and policy, along with undertaking recipe development, analysis and writing copy.

Nourhan is passionate about communicating evidence-based nutrition information in easy messages to encourage individuals to have a sustainable healthy and positive life. Her passion in the food industry lies in empowering individuals with information and tools needed to have better visibility about healthier choices available.

She also has a passion for writing blog posts discussing FAD diets and promoting healthy, balanced and enjoyable eating behaviours.


Francesca Straniero

Francesca is an Italian nutritionist registered with the AfN as a Registered Associate Nutritionist, who has recently completed a master’s degree in Human Nutrition (Sports Nutrition) in London.  Francesca is a member of the World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea Committee at the Caroline Walker Trust where she regularly contributes to policy, resource development, along with her nutrition expertise in recipes and food analysis.

Her interest in food and nutrition started while she was doing her bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology and evolved over the years.

She is passionate about food and she loves cooking and creating new healthy recipes for her family’s meals. In the recipes offered by Francesca, you will find the influence of Italian cuisine and flavour. 

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Sophie Aherne

Sophie is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with an MSc in Public Health Nutrition. Sophie has a range of experiences in creating positive food environments with a range of communities. Specialising her research career largely in children’s nutrition she is now a Lead School Food Officer in Liverpool, working with many children in the region delivering practical cookery workshops and nutrition education to promote healthy eating. Sophie is a volunteer member of the World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea Committee at The Caroline Walker Trust.




Nicole Musuwo

Nicole is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with an MSc in Nutrition for Global Health from LSHTM. She currently works for a community-based programme aiming to improve the lives of children and families in the most deprived areas of Lambeth. Nicole was also a volunteer member of the World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea Committee at The Caroline Walker Trust where she contributed to resource development, policy and makes writing copy for the WHAT website look easy!  

Nicole has a particular interest in approaches to prevent childhood obesity, with an understanding of the underlying determinants of health.  She passionately believes that all children should have access to healthy, nutritious food and live in environments conducive to good health, regardless of where they live.